The 5 Secrets of Social Media Marketing!

The 5 Secrets of Social Media Marketing!

It’s time to learn the 5 secrets of social media marketing, starting with the first rule of marketing, ‘to be where your customers are’. Would you put up a billboard in the middle of nowhere or on a busy highway? Where do people spend the most time online? With the right targeted media, you can use social media to connect with more customers than ever before – and check Rihanna’s updated Twitter feed while you are at it. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit, YouTube, Pinterest and other social media sites are an absolute must for marketing your business online.

1. Online Presence

Once you have pages on social media websites it simply becomes easier for your potential customers to find you and learn about your business. The wider your access, the more heightened your brand awareness. Just like a friend would show another friend a clever advert in a magazine, the better your posts, the more likely customers are to share them…to their entire 1 500 large friend group. Be consistent in your updates – not with useless posts but with meaningful content that will encourage users to follow your page.

2. Marketing Through Relationship

Another poignant thought: Would you buy a coffee mug from a friend or from a stranger? Although you are not exactly focusing on friendship through social media marketing, the opportunity to make contact and talk to your customers helps them to be familiar with your tone and conduct as a business. When a business takes time to reply to a user’s comment or even to feature their testimonial, which builds valuable relationship with customers, and that connection grows business traffic. Make sure you are as focused on the big loud posts as you are with the individuals following your page and you will be sure to market successfully. Being open to your customers encourages them to ask questions. Customer feedback though social media is an easy way to research your customer impact.

3. Sign Boarding Your Webpage

Ultimately, no matter your presence on social media, make sure you use your website as a foundation as your website is styled to perfectly reflect your business. Using social media you can link people to your website for detailed information about your business identity. So the best way to market your business on social media is to blog on your website and then create a post featuring part of the blog with a “read more” button connecting users to your webpage.

4. Multiple Hooks

What gets a consumer to slow down through their feed and consider your post? Using multi-media will ensure you are reaching out to a broader audience. Colourful unique pictures, interesting videos, online competitions, hashtags, all of these hook are necessary to get noticed!

5. Observe Your Competitors

There is a lot to learn from your online competition. What generates likes or follows for them? How are you doing compared to them? This is easy to track online and an excellent source of information for you to use in your own marketing.
With valuable customer and competitor information online, and the opportunity to show the world your business product. Social media marketing is a non-negotiable to grow your business.