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Unmanaged SATA Linux VPS

At Critical Web Solutions, we provide only the highest quality high availability one-stop hosting plans that you will find. However, sometimes that isn’t enough. Often these days we find that people want to run their own system, hosted on our servers to leverage the high availability, but completely managed by yourself. If this is you, then we have a number of Linux VPS hosting packages for you.

Why Choose Linux VPS Hosting over Shared Hosting?

* Linux
Linux is one of the cheapest and most reliable operating system on the market today. It is the OS of choice for server operations, existing on over 95% of servers around the world. There are thousands of free tools available for Linux
With Shared Hosting the OS used is transparent to the user. This allows us to maintain the security of your data and that of other customers using the same shared services. Effectively, the outer system and other users are invisible to you.
* Security
You have Root access to your server. You can set your own passwords and security.
With Shared Hosting you don’t have access to the machine, just to your assets on the shared server, and we provide the security and data integrity.
* Software
You can install your own software services on the site, and have them running your own way, and you maintain them.
With Shared Hosting you will be using the software we provide, but also that we maintain to stay at top performance.
* Monitoring
You can install whatever monitoring system you require. cPanel may be available, but your will be required to maintain it yourself.
With Shared Hosting all your services provide full monitoring and analysis, so you never need to worry about how its running.

If this is you, then we have the plans for you.

VPS Hosting

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a virtualised machine. It runs as if it were a standalone system on its own computer, but in fact is exists as an independent virtual machine running in a collection of virtual machines on a server. It provides you with all the features of a standard PC, but without a dedicated screen, keyboard and mouse. The PC’s hard disk drive (HDD) can either be a dedicated device, but more often the HDD exists as a partition on a raid system. The reliability of this system is very high, and the virtual machine can be imaged and backed up regularly to ensure its integrity. If a catastrophic failure were to occur, the VM could very simply be moved to new hardware and would carry on as though nothing had happened. All you have to decide is what the size and performance of your virtual machine should be.

All of this makes VPN the perfect solution for systems that require both high reliability and high availability.

SATA Storage for Hosting Providers

Serial ATA (SATA) is the the current dominant standard for ATA (Advanced Technology Attachment) hard drive in home computers. Almost all home and office computers sold today come with SATA-II or SATA-III, now often with SSD. SATA disks combine high performance with high reliability and low price to provide the optimal balance for most users. Combined with RAID to reduce the chances of lost data, SATA VPS will ensure that you will get the high availability and reliability that want from your hosting.

Your VPS will exist as its own self-contained virtual machine on this disk. As an add on service, we can even provide regular backups of your server. Prices vary depending on size, frequency and backup regime.


Linux VPS offer your choice in the most popular and recently updated Linux distros, from CentOS 5.5 to CentOS 7, RedHat, Ubuntu, and so on. You tell us what you want to use, we’ll install it, then you maintain it. After that, you can install your own web hosting software, database systems, tools, languages and monitoring systems.

A Domain of Your Own

Our hosting plans are designed to be a one-stop website package. For one low fee you will get hosting, a domain name, and SSL certificate. This is all in the package you will be given when you purchase your Linux VPS Hosting package.


Contact us HERE, and we’ll find the plan that best suits your business’s needs for Linux VPS hosting.