The Dangers of Managing Your Own Website

The Dangers of Managing your own Website

Getting a website for your business is a big and necessary step. It is always tempting to go the DIY route and cut costs, rather than hiring a web designer. However, unless your goal in first time web management is to primarily learn about website management, managing your own website can be akin to business suicide. We have all witnessed many DIY mistakes, and a DIY failure with your website is far too costly a learning experience for your business. How hard could managing your own website really be? Consider the following points before you take your website upon yourself and risk disaster.

Website Builders

Website builders are what you might use for DIY web building. Websites have two sides to them, a back end where you manage everything, like maximising traffic, and a front end that is the part that is viewable when visited. Think of what is called the ‘back end’ like the car engine – the crucial part that assists seekers to find your website, your ultimate ability to connect. The front end is more like the experience of being behind the wheel, the car paint, the seat etc. Without the engine, all of the fancy parts are kind of, well, useless.

So when it comes to free website builders, they are offering you the chance to tweak and pretty up the website for free but the actual engine building and maintenance are too poor to produce the results you might anticipate a website giving you. Website builders might also not have the solid structure needed for a good quality site.

Keeping On-Track

With all that front end back end talk, remember that you want to use your website as a communication tool and that your product is what you want to push. And your product is what you know the most about. Websites require specialist knowledge to effectively convey your products, do you have this knowledge? You want to focus on polishing up and improving your product, not “why doesn’t the link work” or “who invited these hackers and how do we get rid of them”. Website maintenance can be a seriously gruelling and time-consuming task that is worth paying someone else to do.

Search Engine Optimisation and Marketing

Posting your own fresh content does not always mean that that content is easy to find. If you are building your website yourself, you may be unaware of the more efficient methods of arranging your information so that it is visitor friendly and so that it shows up on top search engine spots.


Did you know that websites not managed by good webmasters are more susceptible to cyberattacks? If you have built your own website using an open source platform you are far more likely to be a target of hacking. Cybersecurity is a major concern and if you are not well-versed in protection from hackers, your site will inevitably be hacked at some point.