Dissecting the Dedicated Server

A lot of people have asked for details about the dedicated servers that we provide. Everyone has different reasons to use them and get the power and specialized hosting that is needed. Reasons range from uploading motion graphics, video gaming, audio composition or music production. But all expect their dedicated server to deliver the same reliable and scalable power with absolute physical security; our goal is to provide just that. Lets find out exactly what the hell it is that these machines have in them.


Dual Interlock Dry Pipe Fire Suppression
SOC-1 / SSAE-16 Type II Audited
N, N2 Generator Power
N+1 Cooling
High Energy Efficient Centralized UPS System
Private VLAN
1000 Mbps Uplink Port
4 Useable IPs for Free
Premium Bandwidth with more than one upstream
Intel Virtualization Technology
Demand Based Switching
Intel 64 Technology
Execute Disable Bit capability
Intel I/O Acceleration Technology

We know that each server has different hard drive sizes and memory so lets focus on one. The Intel® Xeon® L5420 is our most popular server with its high benchmark performance using all of its cores. It provides enough juice for your resource hungry needs without a problem. You already know that the server has 500GB Sata Storage Space, 10TB Bandwidth and 16GB Memory. But lets get some more details on this bad boy.

THE L5420
Cores – Four
Processor Base Frequency – 2.50 GHz
Cache – 12 MB L2
Bus Speed – 1333 MHz FSB
TDP – 50 W
VID Voltage Range – 0.850V-1.3500V
Processing Die Size – 214 mm2
# of Processing Die Transistors – 820 million (damn that’s alot)

Additionally, if you want info on the other dedicated servers we have, feel free to contact us. Our team will be glad to help inform you with what you are getting.

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