Google Analytics

Interested in getting Google Analytics on your website? We’ll make sure your site is setup so you know everything about your website visitors.

If you don’t have a Google Analytics account, The first step is:


– Create a GA account
– Set up Google Tag Manager(A simple user interface)

Now we decide what we want to be tracked, we can:


– Set up tracking to get data on site visitors
– Set up events to track button clicks and other actions
– Set up goals to measure the actions taking place

In the end, there are a few final steps such as:


– Link the site to Google Search Console to get keyword search metrics and other useful info.
– Provide access to other people on the team to read the data or edit a dashboard, if needed

We can also setup a dashboard to make your data easy to read. We can add the visual dashboard in Google Analytics or with another free application called Google Data Studio. We will be making a post in the future to explain in detail what that looks like. Feel free to contact us with any questions and click below to get started today!

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