How We Can Duplicate Any Website

Yes, you can have the look of just about any website on the internet. Let us show you how it is done. All websites consist of html and css with many having additional javascript to add functionality such as animations. If you click Ctrl Option J (on Mac) or Ctrl Shift J (on Windows) when you’re on a site, it will open up a window with your sites guts. If you click on the Elements tab, you’ll see your content sandwiched between html tags. The css which modifies the look and style of the text is located on one or more stylesheets. If we have access to these two – and we should 99% of the time – we can recreate the look of most websites.

Lets look at the site We will focus on the header area which is right below the navigation on top. It should look like the image below:


Now lets say we are selling watches and want that same dark look and feel of their site. How would we go about changing this. Well, if we look at the html of the site we see that they have the text inside a div with class unit-copy-wrapper and another div below with the class unit-image-wrapper. The css – which is over 17,000 lines of code can be looked at here:

There are a myriad of ways we can go with our look, but lets say we want a similar dark background. Lets also assume we are selling watches and will use a watch as the background image. And with a few more changes to some css properties, it could look something like below:


We would also add the ability for you to update the content and links in the admin so making changes would be really easy. This is one example of many ways we can help to make your site look just like one already online. If you are ready, we can help make this a reality for you and copy the front page of a site by clicking the button below. We will pick a theme from the WordPress repo and completely remodel the homepage for you.

If you would like to clone a whole site including the interior pages, then you will need a custom site order. Either way, it would be an investment and you would need to trust us with your business or product. If feel like you want clarification on something, free to contact us with any questions.

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